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1 and 2 day on site workshops available

on a variety of topics (software measurement, estimating, IFPUG function point analysis, scope management, project management, PMBOK(R) Version 4):

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2-Day Networking and Cultural Intelligence workshop

  1. Networking fundamentals – making the right lasting first impression; 7 non-political openers that work every time; breaking the ice when the room is frost; finding the networking model that works for you; 5 lies your mother never told you (but you believed anyways); creating the opportunity for a second meeting; 3 best ways to be comfortable in a room full of strangers; 7 ways to turn strangers into friends.
  2. Risk or no-risk factors – overcoming shyness; top 5 internet “disabilities”; email etiquette; stepping outside your comfort zone; mastering the networking even if you have two left feet; it’s not about you.
  3. Organizational and social cultural norms – 5 dominant types of cultural diversity; what can we learn from Shakespeare, Hofstede, and Trompenaar; the top 3 areas we take for granted with culture; things your father never taught you about culture; we only know what we don’t know but need to know; 7 things we can learn from other cultures.
  4. Practice makes perfect – case studies; role playing with cultural mixes; networking styles to suit your event; goals-questions-metrics; 3 ways to overcome anxiety and fear of success/failure; how to win over any audience.
  5. Teams and leadership in the global economy – leaders and followers; roles/responsibilities/action; making the right impression on the right people in the right society; apologies and their effect in other cultures; BRIC emerging countries; Europe vs Canada vs USA.

Please send an email to Carol Dekkers @ to be added to our mailing list for updates of registration details and logistics of this important workshop. Registration strictly limited to 20 participants.

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