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Expand your horizons, enrich your life

19 Mar

For years I’ve encouraged technical conference attendees (some of you might consider these to be “nerd” conferences) to read what their customers are reading – I called it reading outside the box – to gain an understanding of what is relevant in other industries. And I’ve always adhered to that as much as possible by reading Fast Company, Travel and Leisure, Time, Financial Times, etc.  It always expands my horizons through continuous learning.  I continue to find new opportunities to apply this wisdom in my life!  Rather than simply reading about other industries, I’ve started to take part by volunteering and helping out with local community events for the City of Clearwater (sporting and cultural events), local charity events, and one of my favorites: Film Festivals.

GIFFThis weekend (Mar 18-21, 2010) is the Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF) in Tampa and tonight’s opening event was a celebratory night of filmmakers, sponsors, students, fans, and industry notables. Not only was the event fun, it was a learning experience to network with non-software industry people who are passionate about their profession.  If you’re in Tampa or the vicinity this weekend, take in a film or two and join the festivities – if you’re a software professional I can tell you that it’s such fun to venture out from our regular environment.  Expand your horizons beyond the “software industry” and you’ll be surprised at how much it enriches your (work and personal) life!

Have a nice weekend!


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The IT Measurement Compendium – Estimating & Benchmarking Success with Functional Size Measurement (Function Points)

13 Oct
The IT MEasurement Compendium cover

The IT MEasurement Compendium cover

It is finally available in the United States and throughout the world!  Co-authored with Manfred Bundschuh, who retired as the measurement coordinator for AXA Insurance in Germany, and myself, The IT Measurement Compendium: Estimating and Benchmarking Success with Functional Size Measurement is available for order from Springer (the publisher) directly, or from Amazon.com (direct link from www.qualityplustech.com/books.html – where you can also view Capers Jones’ review!)

Culminating a yearlong writing and editing endeavor, this is the first book ever to examine all five ISO conformant Functional Size Measurement (Function Points) standards AND feature a single case study that uses all five methods to derive the software size.

While function point analysis (FPA) was first invented and presented in 1979, use of the methodology became especially relevant for comparing the productivity and quality of outsourcing contracts.  In addition, corporations who strive to reach level two or higher on process maturity scales such as the CMMI(TM) or the SPICE models, have discovered that functional size measurement provides an objective means of sizing software requirements – and fits into parametrics software estimating methods (as the size of the software to be developed).

For further details or for quantity discounts, please contact me directly by sending me an email at dekkers@qualityplustech.com.


Carol Dekkers

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