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So many reasons to be thankful

25 Nov

It’s interesting how we typically need a special occasion (like Thanksgiving) to realize how grateful we are (or can be) for the little things in our lives.  And, then when we do, it might be trivialized because of high visibility and self-consciousness of the occasion (such as at a big Thanksgiving family gathering!)

So…. here’s my short list of 50 things I am eternally grateful to have in my life:

1. Health

2. Healthy grown children

3. Unconditional love from same grown children

4. Ability to see the positive when life throws you lemons

5. Ability to feel what I do without having to stuff it (divorce is a wonderful thing!)

6. Friends who truly care

7. Acquaintances who might turn into friends someday

8. “Friends” who don’t care (they teach me the value of #6!)

9. A promising emerging (still) career

10. Invitations to speak (present) around the world

11. Unconditional love from the Royal We (me, myself and I)

12. Friends/acquaintances around the world

13. Self-esteem (and the new understanding that you can never have too much)

14. Pets (and the spirits of those who have gone before)

15. Parents who are still alive

16. Family members with their own families

17. Ability to see the humor in things (SNL situations abound)

18. Tampa FL weather

19. A house (even over-mortgaged)

20. Promises to myself

21. Inspiring writers (like my daughter!)

22. Uninspiring writers (who make #21 more relevant)

23. Sense of adventure

24. Youthful outlook on life

25. Freedom to associate/speak/disassociate

26. Freedom to do what, when and where as I choose

27. Incredible shoes (with more space in my closet)

28. Receptivity of foreign audiences to listen to me in English (when it is my only fluent language) when it is not their first language

29. Travel and the opportunities to do so

30. Nature

31. Wonder of life all around me

32. Ability to forgive myself

33. Ability to forgive others (when warranted)

34. People in my life who are willing to forgive me

35. Foresight to (hopefully) learn from past mistakes

36. Good humor to laugh at the past

37. Optimism

38. Good craft breweries around the world

39. Food and friends and fun (at the same time)

40. Florida weather (again and again)

41. Enough money (and work) to pay my mortgage

42. Simple needs

43. Smiles from strangers

44. Empathy and understanding (both giving and receiving – often different people are involved)

45. A future (and a vision that draws me to a achieve an incredible one!)

46. The ability to cut toxicity from my life (this is a new-found skill – I was a hoarder before!!!)

47. The present (in whatever time zone) – it’s a gift we give to ourselves

48. Being short on airplanes (so I don’t need first class always!)

49. So many things for which to express thanks

50. The past (so that I can learn from it, remember the good times, and smile at life’s nuances)

Wishing you a life filled with everything you want, desire and deserve – in other words the best of the best!



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