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Blogs, blogs and more blogs…

18 Aug

I read somewhere on the internet (so it must be true right?) that there are now MILLIONS of blogs on the internet and the number grows every day.

What’s interesting beyond the sheer numbers is that most blogs are mundane, obscure and invisible.  Blogs are today’s generation’s version of technology “landfills”.  I wonder what earth dwellers in 500 years will think of the internet clutter and garbage that it out in cyberspace: will they see us as neanderthals with technology or will there be a glimmer of hope that today’s humanity had good things to share and a positive spin on life?

I read today that one high school locally (Florida) will give their students with Kindle readers pre-loaded with a number of textbooks (at the school’s expense) to save on back strain (from backpacks filled with books) and on paper printing (by having virtual books). A novel idea (pardon the pun) that shows just how much of today’s student population is attuned to technology solutions.  In many ways I feel like I’ve turned into my mother with so many young people entering the workforce today (I’m feeling old) – yet I cannot imagine ever making enough money to recoup financial missteps of the past and be able to retire before 80.

blogGiven technology, social media, endless supply of money and prosperity (along the lines of “Think and Grow Rich”, and “The Secret” concepts), there must be a way to parlay existing blogs into some form of financial income (or at least find a way to do so in the future with published works on blogs).  But, I’m just not sure – it just seems like we have more and more people out of work and hoping to make a quick buck off of you, me and the internet – and blogs and blog superheroes seem to be emerging everywhere.

The question for me is with blogs, blogs and more blogs – does it really make a difference in the world? (Now I REALLY sound like my mother).  Will life tomorrow be in any little way better than life today because of my blog (or anyone else’s for that matter)?

Instead of creating more blogs, perhaps we should create more human connections, spend more time talking to one another in person, and celebrating the fact that we all share the same wonderful planet.  Just a thought for a forlorn Wednesday on a hot Florida summer afternoon.

Have a great week!


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