Finding motivation amidst the Doldrums… Just Imagine

20 Aug

Has your life turned out exactly as you had hoped and dreamed when you were a kid?

Becoming your own cheerleaderIf you are like most people over 25 today, your life is likely a mixture of ups, downs, work you like and work you have to do, chores, children, demands and taxes.

How did life become so mundane?  What happened to the motivation and drive you once held so passionately?

The not-so-good news is that in the pursuit of happiness through working and earning an income, your dreams likely moved to the back burner and lower on the priority list.  One day at a time, work and family and obligations took over until you find yourself in the middle of an everyday, ordinary, rat race life.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be your future and you can change the course of your life beginning now.  No matter what your current life situation involves (and too often it might mean foreclosures, unemployment, isolation, lack of finances, dead-end thinking), you already have one of the most powerful inertia-overcoming tools at your disposal – your imagination!

As adults…

The imagination process often ended in college or earlier when teachers, colleagues, parents, partners and even children encouraged us to “be responsible, be serious about life, get a job and a career” and we did.

We wake up as rote rodents, spending day after day working towards someone else’s goals or marching to an internal drummer that is without a lot of creativity.  If we are in a crisis and fighting to pay for food, shelter and clothing – or if we are struggling for stability and safety in life (so many are!) – it can seem impossible to rekindle our dreams or imagine a different future.


But just imagine

what life might be like if you had a clean slate and could do it all over – what would your perfect day be like if you could be doing anything you want in 5 years?  Would you be doing the same thing as you are today?  What would your “ideal dream” life be like?  What would you spend your waking hours doing? What are the things you love to do that you would do if you didn’t need to worry about money?  What would you envision your life to be like that would make you bound out of bed with enthusiasm in the morning?

Most likely it’s been a long time (or forever) since you allowed yourself to dream your dreams.  Take time today to envision how you want to live life in 5 years, commit your imagination and your passion to the universe (or God or whatever you may believe in) and watch the universe deliver in its own time.

For me, this has worked wonders – and especially when I feel demotivated by detractors, an unfriendly work environment, or am challenged with financial strife.  Every single time I’ve envisioned a positive, productive future (with how I will feel when the future delivers!) – it has come true.  Not every detail has manifested with the timing or financial profits I requested, but often the results exceed my dreams.

For me, (and maybe for you), the key is to stay motivated in times of crisis and stress by visioning and self-encouragement.

Do I know what tomorrow will bring?

Today I have an uncertain future (nothing new!) with no solid idea of how I’m going to find my next contracts or break through into a new career path (or stay on this one but earning a better income), but I continue to envision and dream.  The past brought me speaking engagements and work in over 30 countries, friendships all over the world, and a life with beaches, wonderful weather and solid, loyal friendships.  Today I enjoy the fruits of what came about through imagination and visioning and even on the days when I feel a lack of motivation, my imaginative daydreams pull me out of the doldrums.

Just imagine where they might take you! Perhaps beyond YOUR wildest, rekindled dreams.

sPEND TIME CREATING Be well, dream big, and allow the universe with abundance to create the life you WANT!

– Carol

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