Friday Folly

23 Mar

What if, just for today, everything was perfect in “your” world?

  • If all your thoughts were happy ones free of worry about yourself or anyone else?
  • If every cell and muscle in your body were pain-free and excited to be alive?
  • If every person you meet today is happy to see you?
  • If every sensation from your six senses (including intuition) was positive?
  • If you felt gratitude just for being alive?
  • If your soul felt optimistic about your future?

Author and sage, don Miguel Ruiz, says:

The dream of the planet is just a dream. It is not even real. If you go into the dream and start challenging your beliefs, you will find that most of the beliefs that guided you into the wounded mind are not even true.

Spend the next 24 hours Dreaming that all the above are already true – just as a Friday folly – and see if your Saturday doesn’t turn out to be just as awesome…

Have a great weekend!



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