Crackberry Detox…

17 Mar

My Blackberry has a mind of its own these days – for some strange reason it shuts down at (its own) will four to five times a day.  Embarrassingly it happens in the middle of calls, when I am responding to emails, and when it is fully charged.

There seems to be no logical explanation aside from the fact that it is going through the terrible twos and has a tantrum when I don’t give it the attention it seeks.

So, I have a couple of choices since I do not want to extend my cell phone contract for another two years:

  • I can pay full price ($400 USD thereabouts) for a new Blackberry or Droid or Smartphone – and have uninterrupted service;
  • I can succumb to my cell phone company’s demands and go with a 2-year contract or switch carriers (and start a new 2-year contract);
  • I can shop around to find the right solution, and in the meantime, resort to using a new non-web-enabled Nokia cell phone and do a 2-week or so “Blackberry Detox”.

I think I am addicted to my Blackberry and its Facebook / Twitter / Email / Blackberry Messenger features.  I probably check its screen no less than 500 times a day. When a chime goes off to alert me to a sms message, voicemail or Direct Message from Twitter, I feel compelled to check it again – even if I just looked at it 5 seconds earlier.

When I first wake up in the morning, the first thing I do after I dismiss my alarm (Blackberry vernacular for turning off my alarm clock), is to dispense with the 70+ emails/messages/texts, etc that came in during the night.

I justify this behavior by purporting it keeps my email in order when I later access my laptop – but I wonder what it really says about my need to be tethered to my “Crackberry“.

Starting this afternoon, I’m going cold turkey and choosing the third option above.  (I can’t believe I am saying this, but) I am going to unplug and disconnect from my Blackberry and rely on a Nokia cell phone (no camera, no web access) until I decide how I will replace my ailing Blackberry.

This means I will have to write directions and take down information from email messages “by hand” so I know where to tell a taxi to take me to a hotel in DC on Friday night.  I will also have to rely solely on my laptop to read emails. In other words, I am going to go back to life before Blackberry or Smartphones.  Like in the “olden days” 5 years ago.

What do you think?  Are you addicted to your iPhone or Blackberry or SmartPhone?  Could you survive a two-week detox?  I will let you know how I do and whether I fall off the wagon – you can cheer me on along the way.  After all, I’m still addicted (happily) to blogging…

Have a happy week!



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