Live, Laugh, Let go…

7 Jul

I’m in Montreal this week for the Jazz Festival and observing so much “unique” behavior in the city that I’m finding new sense in the subject line of this post: Live, laugh, let go (yes, I know that there is a popular book called Live, Laugh, Love).

It’s quite interesting to note that my friend and I keep encountering people who defy what she and I (separately) were brought up to believe is good behavior in society.  No matter where we’ve ventured this week (Old Montreal, Olympic Stadium, shopping, etc), it’s as if we are either totally invisible or inordinately visible.

Let me explain:  my friend remarked to me today that she ought to wear fluorescent clothing so that people see her:  she’s not a slight person yet people shove and jostle by without a word of apology, on the streets, in the metro area, and in the underground shopping areas — rendering the feeling of being “invisible”.

Then when we’re out somewhere (Jazz Fest audience members or sitting outside at our hotel bar) we notice other patrons eavesdropping – even though neither of us is speaking loudly.  It’s like whatever we have to say is incredibly interesting!

I wonder why this happens?  Why can’t two platonic friends have simple conversations without others listening intently?  And where have the simple courtesies of life (like saying “excuse me” when you crash into someone in a public place) gone?

I love Montreal and the good times of JazzFest here – the city transforms into a cultural melee and it is great to be here.  I’m certainly learning to Live (I have a near-perfect life), Laugh (so many humorous moments in a single day), and Let Go (life is too short to let others influence your good moods into bad!)

Wishing you a happy and healthy week!


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