It’s the Little Things…

27 May

Remember the saying “It’s the little things in life that…?” – neither do I. And while there’s ample variations to the ending, little things can make or break your day.  Sometimes it’s the little things in life that often have the biggest impact and leave the biggest impression  (positive or negative!)

Consider these little things with big impacts:

– A single careless remark from an adult to a child can have a lifelong impact (what were you told as a child?  You are too sensitive, you are fat, etc.);

– A thoughtful remark (you are thoughtful, you are generous) can be overridden in a second by another careless remark (somehow negative remarks bear 10x the weight of positive ones);

– A genuine, caring remark can change an entire outlook (think of statements like: what would I do without you? you are the nicest, kindest person I know);

– A smile from a stranger can brighten an otherwise dull day;

– A handwritten thank you note from a boss or a colleague is often saved for years;

– The song that played when you first fell in love (often hearing the music years later can create euphoric feelings even if the relationship fades);

– I could go on and on…

Today I participated in more meetings here in Japan and an acquaintance remarked that my help was really valuable.  It was a little thing, but it really made my day. I’m going to try to remember the moment the next time that I feel that my work doesn’t count.

What little things really make a big impact on your life and your days?


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One Response to “It’s the Little Things…”

  1. JP (as Japan ?) Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 3:30 pm #

    Ninety minutes can also make a week… and even last much longer in sweet memories…

    (I did try to send you an email, but it did not work)


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