Take away Leadership Tips from Jack and Suzy Welch

5 May

Pink Magazine posted today a video link from the recent Jack and Suzy Welch event summarizing the key leadership tips important for today.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5G3EVHoYpI  While the tips weren’t rocket science, the advice is timely especially in light of our financially challenging times.

As you may already know, Suzy Welch recently published a new book titled 10-10-10 A Life Transforming Idea, based on an O , The Oprah Magazine article in September 2006 about Suzy’s “Rule of 10-10-10”. 

It’s a simple enough process that Suzy uses as a foolproof approach to problem solving whereby she asks herself three easy–and utterly profound–questions: “will the decision I make (to solve the problem at hand) matter in 10 minutes? Will it matter in 10 months? Will it matter in 10 years?”  Using this approach, Suzy Welch has managed to solve just about every personal and professional quandary in her life and feel good about her decisions. 

When I read this article, it made an immediate and lasting impression on my own mode of problem solving, and now that I am aware of the new 10-10-10 book, I plan to purchase it this coming weekend. 10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea

If you order the book, let me know if the idea works for you!

Enjoy your day!

Carol Dekkers, Software Measurement and Global Software Development expert, author, speaker. Want to engage Carol to be a speaker at your next event? Email Ms. Dekkers at dekkers@qualityplustech.com or carol@caroldekkers.com or visit http://www.caroldekkers.com for details.


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