A gorgeous day in Florida despite the economy

11 Oct

Since I changed my attitude along the lines of Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now! I find that it is easier to enjoy today DESPITE what the government, the economy, the electioneering, or the state of the union is dishing out at us today.  The majority of society seems to be pre-occupied with complaining about one of the aforementioned, or the heat and humidity, stock losses on paper, the real estate plunge or the myriad of other societal ailments that most of us cannot do anything about!  A gorgeous day TODAY

We only have today – and if we have a roof over our heads TODAY and we have our health TODAY and we have healthy children TODAY and friends who love us TODAY – that should be good enough for TODAY.  I work hard, give to others, treat people with kindness, follow the golden rule, and yet the economy is still in shambles.  I used to be preoccupied because I lost hundreds of thousands of home equity dollars because I trusted my ex-husband to be fair, and I was in angst because I wanted more speaking opportunities to come my way faster, but life is not fair and not necessarily scrupulous no matter how good we may aim to be.  Despite whether I had a good or poor attitude and outlook on life, the sun came up and went down without me even noticing.

TODAY I stopped to be grateful for what IS TODAY – and it was a gorgeous day without hurricanes or rain or frost, culminating in yet another colorful sunset here on the west coast of FL.  As my favorite t-shirt line asserts “Life is Good” TODAY! 

Next week, I may or may not return to worry about the economy, how horrible our outlook is, or what I’ll do to ensure that I don’t go further into debt – but that is next week.  The purpose of this rant?  Simply to share that today is great and today is the “present” we give ourselves and live ourselves.

Have a great weekend!




———–COPYRIGHT 2008 Carol Dekkers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED————————

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